Special Report: Global Development

IEEE is helping advance communities around the world

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Because technology has become more accessible, it has become an important tool in helping people in impoverished and underserved areas. IEEE is hard at work to help such communities progress thanks to its education, funding, and mentorship programs, as described in this special report.

One initiative, for example, has members working with African entrepreneurs to bring electricity from renewable energy to their villages while creating jobs for locals. Engineers have also moved into underserved communities in Cambodia, Honduras, and Indonesia to set up companies that hire experienced local engineers to help with new projects and maintain them once aid organizations leave.

IEEE volunteers are also developing educational opportunities and programs for youth. And an IEEE section in India is teaching engineering students the skills they need to launch startups. We also highlight ways members can get involved in global causes as well as conferences that cover advances globally, what the IEEE Standards Association is doing to spread the word in emerging markets about the importance of standards, and how IEEE’s global offices are helping support the organization’s mission.


africa120Powering Africa: It Takes a Smart Village

IEEE Foundation program helps entrepreneurs bring renewable energy to their communities

india120 A Playground for India’s Young Entrepreneurs

Kerala provides resources to help new businesses get started

Career and Education

Career120Part Engineer, Part Humanitarian: The Making of Social Entrepreneurs

This new type of philanthropist launches profitable as well as socially minded companies


quest120Should Employers Give Paid Time Off for Volunteering?

The perk may make employees more loyal to their companies


prod120IEEE Resources To Help Members Get Involved in Social Causes

Videos and webinars feature ways to put your engineering skills to work

Conf120Four IEEE Conferences Cover Technology for Emerging Markets

Topics include e-commerce, the smart grid, and telemedicine

standards120 IEEE Spreads the Message Around the World About the Importance of Standards

The IEEE Standards Association counsels key groups on the need for devices and systems to operate seamlessly


prof120Saurabh Sinha: Fostering Engineering Education Worldwide

The IEEE Educational Activities vice president has an eye toward helping students in developing countries

AMBASSADORMeet the IEEE Global Ambassadors

They’re leading the organization’s efforts in Europe and Asia


Adhoc120-1423757161201.jpgA Perspective on Africa: Meeting Local Needs

IEEE volunteer talks about the importance of changing the way organizations provide aid to Africa

blog2-1424465413681.jpgA Perspective on Africa: Community is Key

Successful technologies in Zimbabwe must focus on we, not me

blog1-1424465177001.jpgHow IEEE is Helping Villages Become Smarter

An IEEE Foundation program believes it has a good model for bringing electricity to communities in need

Vincent120-1424791061568.jpgA Perspective on Africa: Thinking Outside the Traditional Box

The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Activities in Africa chair talks about the role IEEE can play in the region

photo-2120-1424791293603.JPGA Perspective on Africa: The Impact of an Engineering Education

IEEE volunteer talks about how education is at the root of transforming the region’s future


multi120Webinar: Working in Rural Development [VIDEO]

Two experts talk about how they are changing lives while making a profit

stand2-1424466173055.jpgVideo on the Global Impact of IEEE Standards [VIDEO]

The organization is working hard to build a consensus across each continent