Special Report: Nanotechnology

It’s all around you

Nanotechnology Photo: Getty Images

Nanotechnology—1 nano, or nanometer, is one billionth of a meter—is sometimes referred to as a general-purpose technology because it’s used in so many applications, including medicine and the automobile, cosmetics, and electronics industries. It’s a multidisciplinary science that looks at how matter can be manipulated at the molecular and atomic levels to make things cheaper, cleaner, safer, stronger, or smarter.

This special issue of The Institute has been put together with assistance from the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. The stories below explore the work of several IEEE members and groups that are leading the way in this growing field.

IEEE is a major player in this arena. The IEEE Big Data Initiative, launched in June under the Future Directions Committee— the organization’s R&D arm—is working not only to advance technologies that support and make sense of the growing mountains of data, but also to ensure that the information remains secure.


Nano120Purifying Water With Nanotech

Members are working on ways to make water potable

cancer120 Sniffing for Cancer

Nanosensors can detect odors from melanoma

Everyday Nanotechnology

Nanoparticles are found in many household products


Are Nanotech Products Safe?

Many household items contain nanomaterials

blog120 ‘Ask The Expert’ with the Founding Father of Nanotechnology

Your questions on tiny technology answered all month long


Conf120Conferences: February–August 2014

Upcoming IEEE events cover topics related to nanotechnology

prod120Resources for a Tiny Technology

A website and several IEEE journals help demystify nanotech


IEEE Nanotechnology Council

This interdisciplinary group focuses on advancing the field


Nanotechnology Standards

Four focus on electrical applications of nanomaterials

books120Books of Interest: December 2013

Free e-books cover applications of nanotechnology


prof120Alexandra Boltasseva: A Rising Star

Creating new materials to manipulate light

Career and education

old120Nanotechnology: Big Opportunities for Those Who Think Small

Spotlight on a career in nanotechnology

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