Special Report: Quality-of-Life Technology

Improving lives with technology

1 June 2013
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As people live longer, the number of those with disabilities will rise significantly. About 15 percent of the world’s population today lives with some form of disablity, up from 10 percent in the 1970s, according to the World Health Organization. Many disabled people are hard-pressed to do such household chores as cleaning and cooking or even simply moving around. But innovative technologies are being developed to help, and IEEE members are at the forefront of these efforts.


Sense120Technologies Improve Quality of Life

IEEE members are working on robots and smart wheelchairs to help those in need

wheelchair120Building Smarter wheelchairs

Making life a little easier for peoplewho can’t walk


question120Has Technology Made Your Life Better?

Many technical advances have improved our daily lives


books120Conferences: June–September 2013

Upcoming IEEE conferences that cover topics related to quality-of-life technologies

books120Quality-of-Life Standards

Several IEEE standards focus on health-device communication


/img/takeo-1436207578173.jpgTakeo Kanade: Partnering With Robots

Help for the elderly and disabled