Special Report: Software-Defined Networks

SDN technology could transform communications networks and reduce costs

Big_data Illustration: Carl DeTorres

With advances in IT and cloud computing, the increasing number of intelligent machines, and the advent of the Internet of Things, the traffic on telecommunications networks is expected to skyrocket. Meanwhile, hardware costs are tumbling and more open-source software is available. It’s clear a change is needed in how networks are designed and operated.

Enter software-defined networks. SDNs are networks of equipment that decouple hardware (such as forwarding IP packets) from software (the control plane that carries signaling traffic for routing through the network devices) and executes such software not necessarily in the equipment but either in the cloud or in clusters of distributed IT servers.

Through its Software Defined Networks Initiative, IEEE is working on many fronts to explore the benefits of SDNs and network functions virtualization (NFV), which is often paired with SDNs. The NFV concept applies CPU virtualization and other cloud computing technologies to migrate network functions from dedicated hardware to virtual machines running on general-purpose hardware.


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