Special Report: The Future of Television

TV picture and sound quality has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade, with features like high-dynamic range and immersive audio. Now broadcasters will be able to take advantage of many of these features for the first time thanks to ATSC 3.0, a new suite of voluntary technical standards for digital television. The suite incorporates the first IP-based broadcast standard, allowing companies to simultaneously transmit content over the airwaves and the Internet.

How we watch television and what we watch it on are also changing. In this issue, we highlight some of the latest models, including flexible roll-up displays and gallium nitride LED displays large enough to take up an entire wall.

Broadcast engineers are in demand. They are needed to ensure that sound and images are of high quality, and that the lighting, equipment, and transmission systems work smoothly without a hitch. This issue delves into the skills needed to break into the field.

There’s also a timeline featuring IEEE Milestones that recognize advancements in television over the last century.

Feature Articles


How to Break Into Broadcast Technology

Radio, television, and online streaming services need engineers


First IP-Based Standard for Digital TV Could Change the Face of Broadcasting

ATSC 3.0 promises immersive audio, interactivity, and hyperlocal emergency alerts


Mitsubishi’s Large-Scale Display Changed the Way We Watch Live Sports

The system, installed at Dodger Stadium in 1980, receives an IEEE Milestone


Q&A With Emmy Award–Winning Engineer

Gary Sullivan and his team were recognized for the HEVC standard, which improves picture quality and shortens video upload time


Radio-Themed Exhibit Takes Visitors Back in Time

Antique board games, perfume, and Valentine’s Day cards on display


The Future of Television Is Flexible, Bright, and Larger Than Life

Next wave of models offers roll-up screens and interactivity


Anthony Agnello’s Harmonizer Brought Recording Studios Into the Digital Age

The Life Member receives a Lifetime Achievement Technical Grammy Award


Timeline: Advancements in Television During the Past Century

IEEE Milestones recognize those who helped make TV what it is today