Special Report: Transportation Electrification

IEEE members are changing the way we get around

Chevy Photo: GM

Transportation is about moving people and things from one place to another. While the industry has evolved rapidly of late to do it all faster, farther, and more efficiently, the possibilities for transportation have never been as exciting as they are today.

Thanks to advances in technology, including sensors and wireless systems, vehicles are now packed with features that make them safer and able to communicate not only with the driver but also with other cars on the road. With the groundwork laid by several IEEE Fellows, cars are getting closer to driving themselves (and some are already a good way there). And with better batteries and an alternative fuel like hydrogen already powering postal delivery trucks in France, for example, drivers will be able to rely less on gasoline—and its hefty price.

With all that’s going on, the transportation industries have had to post “Help Wanted” signs for engineers, and several IEEE experts here offer handy advice on breaking into the field. IEEE has also put together a Transportation Electrification portal that provides resources for dealing with the latest advances, along with noteworthy conferences and books. These and other topics are covered in this special report.


Today’s Cars Are More Electric Than You Think

Evolving features are helping vehicles make the transition to electrified transportation

hydro120 Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Start Delivering

French postal trucks will be among the first

hist120 IEEE Book Features a Pioneer of Electric Transportation

Frank J. Sprague designed the first electric streetcar system

info120 Inside Your Ride [INFOGRAPHIC]

A look at the electronics that make cars safer, smarter, and more fuel-efficient


quest120 Is Anyone an Inventor Anymore?

Some say the word is a misnomer


soc120Society Spotlights: April 2014

Helping IEEE become the go-to place for electrified transportation

E-books Cover Electric Transportation

Download them from the IEEE Xplore Digital Library

EV120 Everything You Want to Know About EVs

IEEE resources can help you stay current with electrified transportation

standards120 Standards That Advance Transportation Electrification

Covering applications that help upgrade the industry

conf120 Conferences: June–December 2014

Upcoming IEEE events cover topics related to transportation electrification


prof120 Joachim Taiber: Helping Electric Vehicles Go Farther

This IEEE member is helping design EVs that charge on the go

achieve120 The Drivers Behind Autonomous Vehicles

Three IEEE Fellows have pioneered the technology for self-driving cars


career120 How to Get Hired in the Automotive Industry

The transportation sector is on the lookout for talented engineers


120 Putting IEEE in the Driver’s Seat

Working to raise the visibility of members’ contributions to vehicular technology

120 Confessions of an Electric Vehicle Owner

Gasoline-free is doable with some planning and a place to charge

120 Hacking a Car is Easier Than You Might Think

New features in automobiles could cause unintended consequences


vid120 Evolving Battery Technology For Automobiles

IEEE.tv video showcases the latest advances for cars

vid120 The Autonomous Challenge: From Italy to China

IEEE Fellow helps lead the longest trip taken with a self-driving vehicle

vidcar120 What Cars Will Our Grandchildren Drive?

A chair of Ford Motors envisions future transportation

paris120 Paris Preserves One of Its Oldest Trains

Visitors can still take a ride on the electric streetcar