Special Report: Women in Engineering

22 April 2016

Women in the tech industry average only about 30 percent of the workforce. Many organizations aim to increase that percentage. In this issue, we report on what Ericsson, Verizon, and VMware are doing to expand their female workforce.

IEEE Women in Engineering, in terms of membership, is the largest international professional group dedicated to encouraging women and girls to become engineers and scientists. But in recent years it has faced declining membership, a lack of visibility among high-tech companies, and other challenges. We describe the progress of WIE’s 2014 strategic plan to meet those challenges, and to provide women the skills they need to be successful in the workplace.

We’ve also asked preuniversity girls what would pique their interest in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math). And we profile three women who are IEEE volunteers and role models in their fields, as well an IEEE Fellow who blazed a trail for female scientists in Antarctica. The report also includes tips for how women can manage their career and their personal life, plus what one member did to strike a comfortable work-life balance.

Feature Articles


What High-Tech Companies Are Doing to Increase Diversity

Ericsson, Verizon, and VMware have developed programs centered on women


How One Engineer Became a 'Mompreneur'

She launched a business that gave her more time to spend with her family


Being in Tune With Yourself Is the Secret to Work-Life Balance

Human resources exec provides tips to achieve fulfillment in the office and at home


Resources to Help Women Boost Their Careers in Engineering

Webinars, travel grants, and e-books among the tools available


This IEEE Fellow Blazed a Trail for Female Scientists in Antarctica

Irene Peden was the first woman to set foot in the continent's interior


IEEE Women in Engineering's Strategic Plan Increases Membership and Raises Visibility

Partnerships with industry and leadership conferences are some of its keys to success


IEEE Women in Engineering Affinity Groups Are on the Rise

Leadership training, technical workshops, and STEM activities fuel the growth


Meet Three Women Who are Helping Lead IEEE

They are organizing community outreach projects and increasing IEEE membership


What Would Make Girls Interested in Engineering? Just Ask Them

Interviews with preuniversity students get their take on the field


Events Designed to Empower Female Engineers

Conferences focus on leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and innovation


Making History: The First Solar-Powered Flight Around the Globe

This IEEE member is a part of the Solar Impulse 2 team



Can Virtual Reality Help Eliminate Gender Bias?

Interviewing candidates through avatars could help more women land tech jobs



A Large Paycheck Isn’t Enough to Keep Women in Engineering

Although they earn the same as their male counterparts in some fields, the retention rate remains low


A Father’s Perspective About Daughters and Engineering

Why this parent thinks the field is a great place to work