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Photo: CNET

The Future of Television Is Flexible, Bright, and Larger Than Life

6 March 2018
Next wave of models offers roll-up screens and interactivity

Four Emerging IoT Products Cited at IEEE CES Competition

19 February 2016
Projects that track good habits, combine displays, manage water use, and package algorithms come out on top

Beyond the Hype: These Technologies at CES Can Help People in Need

11 January 2016
A wearable that helps people with disabilities communicate and a kit that helps workers dismantle landmines are among the award-winning devices

Five Eye-Catching Technologies at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

9 January 2015
Wearables, telemedicine devices, and smart-vehicle technology stole the show

IEEE Features Mind-Controlled Tech at the Consumer Electronics Show

8 January 2015
This game lets players race cars just by thinking about it

How I Launched an Internet-of-Things Pet Product

8 January 2015
This tag can help lost dogs contact their owners

See What IEEE Has in Store for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

6 January 2015
A mind-controlled game and famous guests will make an appearance