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Taking the Leap Into Entrepreneurship

13 April 2016
Embracing uncertainty is the first step toward success

Five Points Every Startup Pitch Must Make

8 April 2016
How to appease investors who have just as much, if not more, to lose

A Father’s Perspective About Daughters and Engineering

7 April 2016
Why this parent thinks the field is a great place to work

In-demand Cloud Computing Professionals Are Being Paid Top Dollar

31 March 2016
IEEE expert discusses how to break into the lucrative field

How to Reduce City Traffic: Self-Driving Vehicles or Car-Free Cities?

30 March 2016
Debating two possible solutions to packed urban roadways

Five Takeaways From England's Largest Education Technology Show

23 March 2016
The annual Bett Show in London drew more than 35,000 visitors from 113 countries

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

15 March 2016
A new book tackles the many questions that arise from robot-human interactions

How Technology Can Figure Out Your Greatest Business Challenges

10 March 2016
Today's companies need these tools to expand

A Large Paycheck Isn’t Enough to Keep Women in Engineering

4 March 2016
Although they earn the same as their male counterparts in some fields, the retention rate remains low

In the Future, Humans Will Form Romantic Relationships With Robots

4 March 2016
An IEEE technical expert discusses the potential for people to become attracted to and fall in love with their machines