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GM’s Pioneering Research Into Causes of Distracted Driving

17 April 2015
IEEE member shares what goes into determining safety features

Automotive Technology is Once Again Driving Innovation

16 April 2015
Self-driving cars and new safety features are providing job and investment opportunities

Five Technologies That Should Be Extinct, But Aren’t

15 April 2015
Find out which ones have withstood the test of time

IEEE Chicago Section’s Fellows Pay it Forward by Supporting Local Engineers

10 April 2015
They will work to boost the number of Fellows and mentor young professionals

Your Questions Answered Part II: Cybersecurity Education and Policies

7 April 2015
Three leading experts share their thoughts on certification, ethical hacking, and the government’s role in the field

Educating Students on the History of Engineering

2 April 2015
The IEEE History Center launches a new hands-on course

Your Questions Answered: Cybersecurity Risks and Threats

31 March 2015
Three leading experts talk about security breaches and encryption

Protecting Critical Infrastructures From Cyberattacks

26 March 2015
Ignoring the security of systems that run power plants, hospitals, and factories can have far-reaching consequences

Does the Internet Need Governance to Drive Innovation?

24 March 2015
IEEE hosted a forum in Europe where participants debated the issues around constraining the Internet

IEEE Volunteer Highlights a Number of Innovations Within Africa

23 March 2015
Cofounder of a research and startup incubation organization discusses setbacks and opportunities