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Are Mobile Devices Causing More Good Than Harm?

29 July 2014
Experts weigh in on how we live our digital lives

Who is Liable for Technical Failures During Natural Disasters?

24 July 2014
An in-depth review of the manslaughter sentence of Italian scientists

Investors Pour Billions Into Digital Health Care Start-ups

23 July 2014
These emerging companies are attracting more venture capital than ever before

Noncompete Clauses: What You Should Know

8 July 2014
Some believe they slow innovation and prevent job growth

Your Questions Answered: Smart Cities

30 June 2014
IEEE expert talks costs, benefits, and return on investment

Whose Smart City Is It Anyway?

24 June 2014
Many believe residents are being left out of the process

Tesla Motors’ Patents Up for Grabs: Any Takers?

17 June 2014
CEO Elon Musk says he wants to drive electric vehicle innovation

Engineering Grads May Need 25 Years to Repay Student Loans

13 June 2014
Higher interest rates add extra time

Do You Have a Right to be Forgotten on the Internet?

5 June 2014
Europe’s top court rules Google should remove links to outdated information

A Little Crowdfunding Goes a Long Way

30 May 2014
Two scientists raise money to develop CleverPet, a game console for pets