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Five Famously Wrong Predictions About Technology

19 December 2014
If these came true, there would be no home computers, tablets, or Internet

The Institute’s Most Popular Articles of 2014

19 December 2014
Tech history, bioengineering, and engineering employment top the list

Celebrating 25 Years of the World Wide Web

16 December 2014
A look back at how it began and what it will become

The Business of Software-Defined Networks

12 December 2014
How the emerging field will transform a multitude of industries

Predictions from the IEEE Technology Time Machine Symposium

9 December 2014
Experts look 20 years out to forecast the state of six areas of technology

What’s Next for Computers After Moore’s Law Ends?

3 December 2014
Experts ponder this question at latest IEEE Rebooting Computing summit

Son’s Quest to Get Father of Video Games Elevated to IEEE Fellow

25 November 2014
Being named an IEEE Fellow is a highlight of Ralph Baer’s illustrious career

Ask The Experts: Software-Defined Networks

20 November 2014
Two IEEE leaders in this field are here to answer your questions

The Legacy of Alan Turing and The Imitation Game

18 November 2014
New movie depicts the mathematician’s heroism cracking the German Enigma Code, yet he had his own tragic life story

IEEE Supports the Eurelectric Annual Convention

17 November 2014
The event promotes a sustainable energy future for Europe