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Having a Vision Is Vital When It Comes to Entrepreneurship

27 May 2016
Imagining your goal could be the key to success

Four Takeaways From the IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference

27 May 2016
Event encouraged women to dream big and pursue their dreams

The Number of Women Working in Cybersecurity Is Shrinking, and There Weren’t Many to Begin With

26 May 2016
Two experts weigh in on ways to attract more female engineers

Science and Engineering Festival Attracts Some 400,000 People

25 May 2016
IEEE volunteers connect with students and educators at the largest STEM outreach event in the world

Initiative That Advises EU Policymakers on Energy and ICT Makes Headway

13 May 2016
IEEE European Public Policy Initiative brings together tech experts and government officials

High-Tech Companies Offer Benefits for Work-Life Balance

11 May 2016
Perks include generous parental leave, fitness centers, and free concerts

Cow Manure Is Being Turned Into Clean Energy

6 May 2016
Methane is a source of revenue for cash-strapped farmers

Taking the Leap Into Entrepreneurship

13 April 2016
Embracing uncertainty is the first step toward success

Five Points Every Startup Pitch Must Make

8 April 2016
How to appease investors who have just as much, if not more, to lose

A Father’s Perspective About Daughters and Engineering

7 April 2016
Why this parent thinks the field is a great place to work