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The Tricorder Might Soon Become a Reality

23 September 2014
Teams are competing to develop the Star Trek-inspired medical device

Despite Growing Data, Infrastructure Stands Still

16 September 2014
Why the gap puts research data at risk

How I Launched a Big Data Start-up

15 September 2014
Finding a niche in the field is key to success

How to Mine Social Media

11 September 2014
Big data derived from online platforms produce bigger challenges

Four Takeaways From IEEE Conferences on Big Data

8 September 2014
Topics include sensor networks, privacy, and the role of humans

Recognizing Policy-makers Advancing the Digital Agenda for Europe

29 August 2014
European Parliament member from Ireland receives award sponsored by IEEE

What Will The Future Look Like?

27 August 2014
Intel’s Brian David Johnson stops by IEEE to explain

E-Governance and Cloud Computing: The India Scenario

25 August 2014
Many opportunities and challenges ahead

High-Tech Companies Launch Code Camp Programs

21 August 2014
Silicon Valley company Square is one example

How to Advance Technological Innovations in Europe

21 August 2014
IEEE commissioned a supplemental publication asking engineers and policy-makers to weigh in