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A Perspective on Africa: The Impact of an Engineering Education

24 February 2015
IEEE volunteer talks about how education is at the root of transforming the region’s future

A Perspective on Africa: Thinking Outside the Traditional Box

24 February 2015
The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Activities in Africa chair talks about the role IEEE can play in the region

Ask The Experts: Cybersecurity

20 February 2015
Leaders in the field are here to answer your questions

A Perspective on Africa: Community is Key

19 February 2015
Successful technologies in Zimbabwe must focus on we, not me

IEEE Mobile App Contest Launches Worldwide

18 February 2015
The IEEEmadC competition is open to all IEEE student members to develop apps that benefit humanity

How IEEE is Helping Villages Become Smarter

16 February 2015
An IEEE Foundation program believes it has a good model for bringing electricity to communities in need

A Perspective on Africa: Meeting Local Needs

12 February 2015
IEEE volunteer talks about the importance of changing the way organizations provide aid to Africa

Getting to Know the ‘Humans’ of IEEE

9 February 2015
Inspired by the Humans of New York project, I spotlight the many faces of members

Women Code Breakers: Forgotten by History

5 February 2015
These three tech pioneers helped solve Enigmas at Bletchley Park

Remembering Laser Theory Pioneer Charles Townes

30 January 2015
His contributions earned him the Nobel Prize and the IEEE Medal of Honor