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Remembering Laser Theory Pioneer Charles Townes

30 January 2015
His contributions earned him the Nobel Prize and the IEEE Medal of Honor

How to Stay Relevant in Today’s Dynamic Technology Field

26 January 2015
Keeping up with new tools and techniques can be hard to do in an ever-changing industry

How Government Agencies Can Better Support Technological Advancements

20 January 2015
Access to infrastructure is one way to give engineers a true testing ground for their ideas

IEEE Milestone Honors Nearly a Century of Breakthroughs at Bell Labs

14 January 2015
Four plaques were unveiled at its Murray Hill, N.J., headquarters

Five Eye-Catching Technologies at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

9 January 2015
Wearables, telemedicine devices, and smart-vehicle technology stole the show

How I Launched an Internet-of-Things Pet Product

8 January 2015
This tag can help lost dogs contact their owners

Your Questions Answered: Software-Defined Networks

6 January 2015
Experts talk about infrastructure, security concerns, and potential military applications

Five Famously Wrong Predictions About Technology

19 December 2014
If these came true, there would be no home computers, tablets, or Internet

The Institute’s Most Popular Articles of 2014

19 December 2014
Tech history, bioengineering, and engineering employment top the list

Celebrating 25 Years of the World Wide Web

16 December 2014
A look back at how it began and what it will become