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Your Questions Answered: Cybersecurity Risks and Threats

31 March 2015
Three leading experts talk about security breaches and encryption

Protecting Critical Infrastructures From Cyberattacks

26 March 2015
Ignoring the security of systems that run power plants, hospitals, and factories can have far-reaching consequences

Does the Internet Need Governance to Drive Innovation?

24 March 2015
IEEE hosted a forum in Europe where participants debated the issues around constraining the Internet

IEEE Volunteer Highlights a Number of Innovations Within Africa

23 March 2015
Cofounder of a research and startup incubation organization discusses setbacks and opportunities

Want to Combat Cyberattacks? Take a Lesson from Nature

19 March 2015
New research examines the analogy between installing security measures and how plants and insects fight off threats

Unhappy Workers are Increasingly Behind Security Breaches

17 March 2015
Companies must beware of hackers from within

Doing Work the Way We Always Have Discourages Creativity

16 March 2015
My view on how to learn from others in order to find our own solutions

For Hire: Ethical Hackers

12 March 2015
Organizations are seeking professionals who can break into their systems to find security glitches

Six Ways to Improve Mobile App Security and Privacy

10 March 2015
But first developers must buy in to the fact that their users are worried

This Week in Tech History

3 March 2015
Celebrating the birthdays of three pioneering inventors