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Norm Augustine: Commercial Space Travel Is on the Way, but Not So Fast

16 November 2015
Cost and safety concerns stand in the way, says the former chair of the U.S. committee on human space flight

NASA's New Horizons Project Takes Us to the Edge of the Solar System

10 November 2015
This documentary shows the first mission to the Kuiper Belt near Pluto

NASA Offers Its Patent Licenses to Startup Companies

6 November 2015
Its goal is to help advance innovation

Peeking at Pluto and Beyond

6 November 2015
Two members share their experiences of working on NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft

Two NASA Astronauts Take 'Christmas Eve' Spacewalk

24 December 2013
IEEE Member Rick Mastracchio helps repair the International Space Station

Nanotechnology for Space Exploration

11 December 2013
Enabling smaller, cheaper missions

Peter Johnson: From Janitor to NASA Engineer

8 July 2013
This IEEE member has had an unusual career path

Exploration Equality

3 July 2013
NASA selects an equal number of men and women to explore the unknown

The IEEE Fellow Behind the Curiosity Rover

29 August 2012
A look at the work of Charles Elachi, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Did the Rover Renew Interest in Engineering?

22 August 2012
Curiosity and mohawk craze has swept the world, following the recent landing of the Mars rover