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Up in the Air: Protecting the Friendly Skies From Cyber Threats

10 September 2018
Aviation industry is under daily attack by black-hat hackers

A Review of the Award-Winning Hidden Figures

23 January 2017
Racial segregation inside NASA during the 1960s didn’t hold back the aspirations of three female African-American mathematicians

IEEE Mourns the Loss of Aerospace Legend Simon Ramo

27 July 2016
The Life Fellow and TRW cofounder helped develop the intercontinental ballistic missile

Virgin Galactic's Test Flight To Space

2 May 2014
The company is expected to launch its space tourism program in 2015

Space Tourism To Launch in 2015

1 May 2014
Hundreds buy tickets for flights from Virgin Galactic

Friendly Drones

13 June 2013
These aerial vehicles are being eyed for peaceful purposes and boosting the economy

IEEE Technology Time Machine Symposium Focuses on the Future

9 April 2012
Invited panelists to predict advances 10 years out

Space Scientists Return to Big Sky for Annual Conference

13 January 2012
Event covers full spectrum of space missions and aircraft

Dr. Lab

3 August 2010
Member advances technology for living, working, and monitoring surroundings in space

Elevator to Space: No Longer Sci-fi?

8 January 2009
Engineers are working to make space elevators a reality