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Would You Let Your Employer Implant a Microchip in Your Hand?

10 August 2017
More than half the employees at a Wisconsin company have volunteered to do so

Sensor Implants for Everywhere in the Body

11 November 2016
IEEE Fellow works on electronics to monitor nerves, muscles, and organs

How Engineers Could Help Unravel the Mysteries of the Brain

22 January 2016
An IEEE workshop focused on technologies that can help with neurological disorders

Life-Saving Devices for Pregnant Women

8 August 2014
Innovations that can help detect disease and prevent death

A New Headpiece Could Provide Targeted Depression Treatment

21 February 2014
An electric stimulation device might lead to more effective results

Sniffing for Cancer

20 December 2013
Nanosensors can detect odors from melanoma

Landing a Bioengineering Job

6 November 2013
Where to find new opportunities in the field

Delving Deeper Into Life Sciences

7 December 2012
Several resources monitor developments in the field

Bin He: New Partnerships

7 December 2012
Bringing together engineers and life scientists

IEEE Adds to Its Life Sciences Standards

7 December 2012
Several new ones are available, with more on the way