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A New Biometric Method to Identify People by Using Their Brain Waves

25 November 2016
‘Brainprints’ could replace fingerprints as a security measure

How Engineers Could Help Unravel the Mysteries of the Brain

22 January 2016
An IEEE workshop focused on technologies that can help with neurological disorders

Low-Voltage Therapy for the Mind

9 January 2014
Video discusses affects of transcranial direct current stimulation on the brain

Would You Stimulate Your Brain Electrically?

8 January 2014
Procedure may make people smarter, more creative, and focused

A Prosthetic Limb at Work

14 August 2013
See the advancements of artificial hands

Prosthetic Limbs Offer a Sense of Touch

7 August 2013
Sensory technology could allow patients with prosthetic limbs to feel contact

Melding Mind and Machine

6 June 2008
Brain-machine interfaces could someday help people with severe paralysis move their limbs, walk, and use a computer