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How These Three Startups Became Household Names

4 September 2015
Microsoft, Sony, and Tata Consultancy Services found success through intrapreneurship, risk taking, and a bit of luck

This Week in Tech History

3 March 2015
Celebrating the birthdays of three pioneering inventors

Four New Milestones Honored

23 July 2012
IEEE recognizes the first main-line railroad electrification system, the first high-speed digital computer, and more

Can Computers Analyze Emotion Better Than People?

9 July 2012
A computer system developed by MIT researchers can tell a lot about your smile

IEEE Computer Society Gives Away Student Memberships

9 April 2012
University students can enter to win through the end of the month

IEEE Members Make the News

17 February 2012
Their work includes implantable devices, magnetic recording advances, and better processor performance

Slideshow: Tablets Over the Decades

21 October 2011
The iPad 2 may have launched tablets into popularity, but these devices are far from new

Rajesh Rao: Deciphering a 4000-Year-Old Script

27 July 2011
Computer analysis might decode messages carved by one of the world's oldest civilizations

Conferences: August-October 2011

7 June 2011
Upcoming IEEE conferences cover games, nanotechnology, and more

Foundation Grant Supports Supercomputing Exhibit

6 May 2011
IEEE Los Alamos Section members apply for money to help Bradbury Science Museum