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Do You Want the Right to Disconnect From Work Emails?

9 February 2017
Some companies are required to have policies on whether employees should respond after hours

Are Mobile Devices Causing More Good Than Harm?

29 July 2014
Experts weigh in on how we live our digital lives

Nanotechnology Standards

6 December 2013
Four focus on electrical applications of nanomaterials

Dinner Without Digital Distraction?

8 November 2013
In restaurants, some diners check in their cellphones

Could You Unplug?

7 August 2013
Adults head to camp for a four-day break from technology

A Visionary in Sound Engineering

31 July 2013
Celebrating the career of IEEE Life Fellow Amar G. Bose

Down Under: Industrial Electronics and Applications

19 April 2013
IEEE conference moves from Asia for the first time