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Applauding IEEE’s Efforts in Establishing Artificial Intelligence Guidelines

8 February 2017
The “Ethically Aligned Design” report prioritizes people’s well-being as the technology advances

Robot Nannies: Should Gadgets Raise Your Kids?

20 January 2017
These friendly helpers were the trend this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

How IEEE Aims to Instill Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Design

19 January 2017
New set of guidelines released for industry

IEEE Summit Focuses on Preparing for a Future With Artificial Intelligence

13 October 2016
Thought leaders to discuss the technology’s benefits and potential consequences

Bringing Ethics to the Forefront of Technology R&D

23 September 2016
An argument in favor of making it a prominent part of each new product’s life cycle

Bias in Code is a Problem That Cannot Be Ignored

17 May 2016
When Google Photos mistook a person for an animal, it was apparent the programmers had not considered diversity

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

15 March 2016
A new book tackles the many questions that arise from robot-human interactions

Position Statement on Employee-Employer Disputes

17 November 2015
Should IEEE’s Ethics and Conduct Committee get involved in these situations

IEEE to Kick off Ethics and Compliance Training

16 October 2015
Conflict of interest, data privacy, and harassment are some of the topics to be covered

The Ethical Aspects of Big Data

18 September 2014
IEEE Fellow shares his views on the matter