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Could Augmented Reality Games Have a Positive Impact?

5 August 2016
Pokémon Go is showing that the technology can bring people together, but it also has drawbacks

Microsoft Kinect Could Reinvent Physical Therapy

23 July 2015
A new virtual reality game makes rehabilitation convenient and even fun

Should Video Gaming Be a Varsity Sport?

14 July 2015
Like soccer, top players could earn an athletic scholarship

Computational Intelligence Conference Covers the Science of Game Development

2 July 2015
Topics will include artificial intelligence, evolutionary computing, and augmented reality

Game Teaches Doctors How to Communicate Better With Patients

1 July 2015
Scenarios help physicians explain diagnoses clearly and listen more carefully

Remembering Ralph Baer, the Father of Video Games

8 December 2014
The IEEE Fellow invented the home video console

Pioneer of Video Games Still Inventing

26 November 2014
IEEE Fellow Ralph Baer continues to work on technology at the age of 91

Son’s Quest to Get Father of Video Games Elevated to IEEE Fellow

25 November 2014
Being named an IEEE Fellow is a highlight of Ralph Baer’s illustrious career

Gaming in the Workplace

7 May 2014
How mixing work and play can motivate employees

Technology in the New Year

29 January 2014
IEEE members and staff predict what’s ahead for the coming year