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7 December 2012
The topic must be approached by both the public and private sectors

Global Voices

7 September 2012
IEEE can become a greater force for change around the world

Make Yourself Indispensable!

7 June 2012
Engineers should accept responsibility for their careers

IEEE Partners With UNESCO

7 June 2012
The two are working to promote engineering education in Africa

A Flatter World

5 March 2012
It’s time to address the challenges of universal access to technology

Day Wins Race for President-Elect

7 March 2011
IEEE members have chosen Gordon W. Day to be 2011 president-elect

Where the Candidates Stand

8 September 2010
Candidates Gordon W. Day and Joseph V. Lillie weigh in on important IEEE issues.

Two to Vie for 2011 President-Elect

8 March 2010
Gordon W. Day and Joseph V. Lillie are the 2011 IEEE president-elect candidates

A Recipe for Innovation

7 December 2009
Innovation requires investments in math and science education, understanding what innovation is, and cultivating a culture conducive to creativity