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Photo-illustration: iStockphoto

How the Industrial Internet of Things Is Changing the Face of Manufacturing

23 February 2018
New networks could reduce maintenance costs and make workplaces safer

Illustration: The Institute; Images: iStockphoto; Amazon

The Consequences of Amazon Becoming a Monopoly

11 September 2017
The e-commerce company could crush competitors in every industry

How Augmented Reality Will Change the Way We Work

12 December 2016
The DAQRI Smart Helmet and the Microsoft HoloLens have been tested at construction sites and water treatment plants

Is Amazon Founder's Purchase of The Washington Post Good for Newspapers?

13 November 2013
Some wonder how the tech titan will reinvent the struggling industry

Three New England Sections Collaborate on Industry Day

5 November 2010
Volunteers are working on boosting IEEE's relationship with industry

Standards Association Program Encourages Competitors to Collaborate

6 November 2009
The program provides an infrastructure to help like-minded companies work through problems

First IEEE Industry Day a Big Success

6 May 2009
The IEEE Region 1-sponsored conference covered how communications and green technologies are changing the way companies do business