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Should Big Tech Companies Be Better Regulated?

30 April 2018
Calls for curbing Facebook, Google, and Twitter are increasing

Illustration: Bakhtiar Zein/Alamy

Are You for or Against Net Neutrality?

4 August 2017
The FCC wants to deregulate Internet service providers, which could allow them to block, slow, or offer paid prioritization of websites

IEEE Takes a Lead Role at World Summit on the Information Society Forum

17 June 2016
Annual event brought together ICT stakeholders to tackle the digital divide and other societal issues

IEEE at the 2015 Internet Governance Forum

5 January 2016
Advancing technology and policy connections

Data Privacy at the Forefront of IEEE Tel Aviv Forum on the Internet

23 October 2015
Leading Israeli policymakers, technologists, legal experts, and academics discuss possible solutions

Eurodig 2015: Shaping the Internet Together

27 August 2015
The annual event covered Internet governance in Europe