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Tech News: Emerging Technology

19 December 2012
This month's segment covers forensic face-matching technology, electric cars, and more

Got an Idea for an IEEE Milestone?

19 November 2012
It’s now easier than ever to get a technical achievement recognized

Edison’s Notes on Pearl Street Station Surface

13 September 2012
The archive features documents from the day the power was turned on

First IEEE Milestones in India

7 September 2012
The work of ​J.C. Bose and C.V. Raman to be recognized

New Milestone Made Faxing Popular

4 May 2012
IEEE recognizes a standard that led to speedier transmission of data

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope Earns Milestone

20 January 2012
The development made possible high-resolution imaging

Lunar Module Honored With IEEE Milestone

5 August 2011
IEEE recognizes a piece of technology that got humans to the moon

Slideshow: Honoring the Lunar Module

5 August 2011
The lunar module that got humans to the moon is being recognized by IEEE

Milestones Honor Superconductivity and Marconi's Wireless Experiments

6 May 2011
MRIs and wireless devices are just some of the examples of these achievements

Milestone Recognizes Canada's Mountaintop TV Transmission

5 November 2010
Learn about the history of the historic breakthrough