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Photo: Keeler Air Force Base

Three Emerging Biomedical Engineering Trends

5 March 2018
Find out what fields are revolutionizing health care

Mildred Dresselhaus is the First Woman to Receive the IEEE Medal of Honor

13 March 2015
‘Queen of Carbon Science’ contributed to major advances in electronics and materials research

‘Founding Father’ of Nanotechnology Answers Your Questions

13 January 2014
IEEE Member K. Eric Drexler sparked conversation about the tiny technology

Tech News: Nanotechnology

20 December 2013
This segment focuses on IEEE's role in developing life-saving applications

Sniffing for Cancer

20 December 2013
Nanosensors can detect odors from melanoma

IEEE Nanotechnology Council

20 December 2013
This interdisciplinary group focuses on advancing the field

Books of Interest: December 2013

20 December 2013
E-books cover applications of nanotechnology

Play a Game and Possibly Cure Cancer

18 December 2013
IEEE member helped create a nanotech game that kills cancer cells

Nanotechnology: Big Opportunities for Those Who Think Small

13 December 2013
Spotlight on a career in nanotechnology

Conferences: February–August 2014

13 December 2013
Upcoming IEEE events cover topics related to nanotechnology