Content tagged with "NATURAL DISASTERS"

Photo: Mary Ellen Randall

Meet Volunteers Aboard the IEEE MOVE Truck

17 August 2018
They provide the vehicle’s mobile services of emergency power, Internet access, and cellphone chargers to natural disaster victims and aid workers

Who is Liable for Technical Failures During Natural Disasters?

24 July 2014
An in-depth review of the manslaughter sentence of Italian scientists

A New Tool to Aid Urban Rescue Teams

2 May 2014
This system makes it easier to locate people and things

Extreme Engineering: Hurricane Proof Homes

20 September 2013
Watch how houses get built to withstand impact from storms

Buildings Made for Disaster

18 September 2013
New architecture claims to withstand earthquakes and storms

Twitter: An Early Disaster-Warning System

11 September 2013
IEEE report makes a case for use of the social network in emergencies

Tech News: Sensing Disasters

10 September 2013
This segment focuses on IEEE's role in sensing natural disasters

Predicting Sinkholes in the Road

9 September 2013
A new algorithm can identify trouble spots

Cities Versus Mother Nature?

9 September 2013
Cities take preemptive measures in case of a natural disaster

Books of Interest: September 2013

9 September 2013
Free e-books deal with bad things happening to good systems