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HP and Medtronic: From the Garage to the Fortune 500

1 September 2015
These billion-dollar companies started by IEEE members had humble beginnings

Jazz and Martial Arts are These Members’ Passions

22 June 2015
One member hosts a weekly radio show while another performs Iaido

Disc Golf and Retro Radios Are These Members’ Favorite Hobbies

20 March 2015
Tossing Frisbee-like discs in competitive matches and repairing vintage radios are their part-time pursuits

Part-time Passions: September 2014

8 September 2014
These IEEE members enjoy competitive chess and flying

Part-time Passions: June 2014

6 June 2014
These IEEE members enjoy competitive fencing and archery

Part-time Passions: March 2014

7 March 2014
These IEEE members spend their free time building regenerative radios and writing poetry

Part-time Passions: December 2013

13 December 2013
These IEEE members enjoy flying drones and making flutes

Part-time Passions: September 2013

23 September 2013
These IEEE members enjoy woodworking and choreography

Part-time Passions: Aviators of IEEE

7 June 2013
Several EMC Society members team up and take flight

Part-time Passions: March 2013

8 March 2013
Members spend their free time drawing cartoons and raising bees