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Is the U.S. Patent Review System Unconstitutional?

6 July 2017
Supreme Court to decide whether juries should settle patent disputes

Need Info on Patents? Try IEEE’s InnovationQ Plus

18 April 2017
Database gives subscribers access to all IEEE Xplore documents

Tesla Motors’ Patents Up for Grabs: Any Takers?

17 June 2014
CEO Elon Musk says he wants to drive electric vehicle innovation

Become a Patent Agent

8 May 2013
Put your technical skills to work

How Will Apple’s Patent Victory Affect Innovation?

5 October 2012
Technologists are split on the verdict’s impact

IEEE Is Cited Most Often in New Patents

5 August 2011
Report Finds More Than 100 000 U.S. Patents Drop IEEE's Name

Webinar Teaches Basics of U.S. Patent Law

7 April 2011
Expert advice on patentability and patent infringement

IEEE Standards Association to Build Awareness of Patent Pools

6 February 2009
The IEEE Standards Association and Via Licensing Corp

Students WISE Up on Public Policy Issues

7 November 2008
Projects focus on improving patent quality and ensuring a reliable electricity supply

Consider Becoming a Patent Agent

7 February 2008
Discount on U.S. Patent Bar Exam Course