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18 April 2017
Database gives subscribers access to all IEEE Xplore documents

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17 June 2014
CEO Elon Musk says he wants to drive electric vehicle innovation

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8 May 2013
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5 October 2012
Technologists are split on the verdict’s impact

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5 August 2011
Report Finds More Than 100 000 U.S. Patents Drop IEEE's Name

Webinar Teaches Basics of U.S. Patent Law

7 April 2011
Expert advice on patentability and patent infringement

IEEE Standards Association to Build Awareness of Patent Pools

6 February 2009
The IEEE Standards Association and Via Licensing Corp

Students WISE Up on Public Policy Issues

7 November 2008
Projects focus on improving patent quality and ensuring a reliable electricity supply

Consider Becoming a Patent Agent

7 February 2008
Discount on U.S. Patent Bar Exam Course