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Lan Yang Investigates How to Bend Two Laws of Physics

24 October 2016
The concepts will introduce new photonics applications

Eric Fossum Discusses His Invention of the Sensor Found in Most of Today’s Cameras

28 August 2015
The IEEE Fellow developed the CMOS image sensor used to take high-quality photos

Beyond Illumination: Some LED Lamps May Be Tracking You

20 August 2015
Several companies are buying lighting systems with motion sensors that can transmit data about people’s activities

The Evolution of Today’s Most Popular Laser Eye Surgeries

17 August 2015
LASIK and PRK have improved vision for millions of people

IEEE Photonics Society Helped Establish First U.S. Photonics Hub

14 August 2015
The Integrated Photonics Institute of Manufacturing Innovation is expected to revolutionize communications, medicine, and defense

The Light-Based Technologies Inside Your Favorite Digital Camera

10 August 2015
GoPro and smartphone photo apps like Snapchat have these three inventors to thank

IEEE Photonics Society Got Its Start 50 Years Ago

10 August 2015
A popular journal and a conference on quantum electronics helped spur interest in the field

IEEE Photonics Society Celebrates the International Year of Light

9 January 2015
The U.N. initiative highlights how optical technologies still revolutionize the world

Alexandra Boltasseva: A Rising Star

6 December 2013
Creating new materials to manipulate light