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Photo: Paula Bronstein

Timeline: The Evolution of the Photovoltaic Cell

6 January 2017
How solar photocell technologies have advanced during the past 40 years

Builders of Energy-Efficient Technologies

11 June 2014
IEEE Fellows laid the groundwork for helping cities cut energy costs

Video: Advancing Photovoltaic Technology

23 May 2014
IEEE experts discuss the future of harnessing solar energy

Solar Cell Researchers’ Days in the Sun

7 May 2014
Conference brings together photovoltaic scientists

Exciting Times in Solar

11 May 2012
IEEE conference to cover photovoltaic technology

Three New Journals Coming in 2011

6 December 2010
Cover circuits and systems, photovoltaics, and terahertz science

Photovoltaics Researchers Meet To Cast More Light on Solar Cells

6 April 2010
Conference to address new cell materials, solar concentrators, space technologies, and more