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Photo: IEEE

Device That Revolutionized Timekeeping Receives an IEEE Milestone

11 August 2017
The atomic clock, invented in 1948, paved the way for GPS

IEEE Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award Goes to a Plasma Pioneer

6 February 2017
Chandrashekhar Joshi was recognized for his particle-accelerator work

How Marie Curie Helped Save a Million Soldiers During World War I

1 February 2016
The radiology pioneer developed and operated mobile X-ray units to treat the injured

Scientists Confirm Particle Is Higgs Boson

20 March 2013
The much sought-after particle has been found

The Physics of Colliding Particles

7 June 2011
Will 2011 be the big year for the biggest particle accelerator?

World's Largest Cyclotron Named IEEE Milestone

6 January 2011
IEEE honors the first cyclotron particle accelerator with a Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing

IEEE Xplore Goes Mobile, Speeds Up, and Adds New Physics Titles

6 October 2009
Xplore users can search for content on their cell phones, enjoy 250 000 new applied physics articles

IEEE Joins With Consortium to Provide Free Access to Physics Articles

7 March 2008
Collaboration would develop a way to give free online access to physics literature