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Proceedings of the IEEE Still Tops the Charts After 105 Years

14 April 2017
The journal marks its anniversary with a new website and webinars on emerging technologies

Testing Facilities Replicate Conditions at Sea

7 February 2014
U.K. research centers provide a safe place to try out marine energy technologies

Subtle Signals Could Help Forecast Earthquakes

9 September 2013
Satellite system analyzes thermal anomalies

Minimizing the Damage From Natural Disasters

9 September 2013
Researchers use satellites to monitor Earth’s conditions

Proceedings of the IEEE Looks to the Future

5 November 2012
This month’s issue outlines topics for next year

Proceedings Spotlight: Quality of Life Technologies

8 August 2012
The August issue looks at intelligent systems for the elderly or disabled

Proceedings of the IEEE Covers Antennas

9 July 2012
Special-topic issue focuses on wireless communications

A Healthy—and Heavy—Centennial Issue

11 May 2012
This month’s Proceedings of the IEEE celebrates the publication’s 100th anniversary

Spotlight on Proceedings of the IEEE: Audiovisual Communications

16 April 2012
Special issue covers the future of multimedia

Proceedings of the IEEE Celebrates a Century

5 March 2012
Special editorial features and centennial events are under way