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Photo: Google

How a High-Tech Stationary Bicycle Can Help Patients With Dementia

15 November 2017
BikeAround uses Google Street View to help people regain their memory

Investors Pour Billions Into Digital Health Care Start-ups

23 July 2014
These emerging companies are attracting more venture capital than ever before

Can Wearable Technology Make People Healthier?

7 July 2014
The market is predicted to explode

Students Develop an At-home Diagnostic Tool

14 February 2014
The device could help those with limited access to health care

Low-Voltage Therapy for the Mind

9 January 2014
Video discusses affects of transcranial direct current stimulation on the brain

Would You Stimulate Your Brain Electrically?

8 January 2014
Procedure may make people smarter, more creative, and focused

The Evolution of Hearing Aids

7 August 2013
A slideshow on the history of hearing devices

The History of Hearing Aids

22 July 2013
Technology for the hearing impaired has come a long way

Has Your Work Been Influenced by a TV Show or Movie?

8 July 2013
Some inventors of modern-day devices were inspired by Star Trek

Has Technology Made Your Life Better?

7 June 2013
Many technical advances have improved our daily lives