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Photo: Arab News

Should Humanoids Be Granted Citizenship?

1 December 2017
Saudi Arabia is the first country to do so

TechEthics Program: IEEE Thought Leadership in Ethical and Social Implications of Technology

5 May 2017
The organization aims to be a trusted resource for industry, policymakers, and the media

Contactless Payments Are Heading Toward a Cashless Future

8 August 2016
Digital wallets and wearables, even a humanoid robot, are changing the way we pay

What Jobs Will Humans Have in the Future?

15 June 2016
As more positions become automated, new ones will inevitably emerge

Is It Ethical to Kick a Robot?

6 June 2016
Videos of Boston Dynamics employees striking humanoid and doglike robots enraged many viewers

In the Future, Humans Will Form Romantic Relationships With Robots

4 March 2016
An IEEE technical expert discusses the potential for people to become attracted to and fall in love with their machines

Robotics Engineers Get Back to Nature at the Philadelphia Science Festival

12 May 2015
Fish, hawks, and microorganisms are inspiring a new generation of robots