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Before Wearables Can Be Used for Health Care Monitoring, These Issues Must Be Addressed

24 May 2018
IEEE is working on interoperability, data security, and other concerns

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When DIY Gadgets Do More Harm Than Good

28 September 2017
People can build their own software and devices to spy, or worse

How IEEE Aims to Instill Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Design

19 January 2017
New set of guidelines released for industry

The Real Reason Why ‘Yelp for People’ Won’t Succeed

9 October 2015
The new Peeple app has caused an uproar and it hasn’t even launched

Eight Tech Mistakes New Business Owners Must Avoid

11 September 2015
They can lead to security breaches, malware attacks, and data losses

IEEE Adds Security Feature to Safeguard Credit Card Information

7 July 2015
The increased protection helps minimize the risk of fraud

The Value of Privacy

7 March 2014
Safeguarding your information in the age of the Internet of Everything

Is the Smart Grid Secure, Safe, and Private?

18 November 2013
Upgrading the power grid opens up new concerns

Smile! You’re Probably on Camera

22 May 2013
High-tech surveillance networks are getting bigger and smarter

New System to Speed Up DNA Analysis

4 February 2013
Special labs and trained personnel will no longer be required