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For Safer Coastal Living, Thank Engineers

3 October 2018
Drones, AI buoys, and composite-based sensors are providing protection against natural disasters

Image: IEEE Electronics Packaging Society

CPMT Society Is Now the Electronics Packaging Society

16 November 2017
New name better represents its diverse fields of interest including the IoT

How Technology Can Prevent Children From Dying in Hot Cars

9 September 2016
Sensors and cameras can activate alarms before it’s too late

IEEE Medal Recipients Paved the Way for MEMS and 3G Wireless

4 July 2016
Their work impacted a number of areas, including health care and wireless Internet

Eric Fossum Discusses His Invention of the Sensor Found in Most of Today’s Cameras

28 August 2015
The IEEE Fellow developed the CMOS image sensor used to take high-quality photos

What it Will Take to Make Health Monitors Smarter

1 June 2015
Self-powered sensors are being integrated into fabric

Mind-Controlled Technology Could Make Homes Smarter

6 October 2014
Sensor-embedded clothing could turn things on and off

Gilles Betis: Building Smarter Cities

6 June 2014
Creating a systemic approach to improving urban communities

Your Questions Answered: The Internet of Things

31 March 2014
Two IEEE experts respond to readers’ concerns about a connected future

The Power of the Internet of Things

19 March 2014
Video from IBM illustrates the acceleration of the IoT