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Is Your Smartphone Stressing You Out?

13 April 2017
Research suggests that constantly checking email, texts, and social media could contribute to anxiety and depression

Does Social Media Hinder or Enhance Learning?

24 February 2016
Opinions are divided among educators

Using Social Media to ID Disaster Victims

6 January 2016
MIT Lincoln Laboratory's system can speed up the rescue and recovery process

Want to Know Which TV Shows Will Be a Hit? Look to Facebook and Twitter

4 January 2016
Research shows that social media activity can determine which programs will succeed

Four Ways Big Data Can Improve Your Life

4 September 2014
What does all this data mining do for you?

For Consultants, Social Media 101

8 July 2013
Using Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites to get more business

If You Track Me, Will We Still Trust Each Other?

5 November 2012
Research paper explores the impact of location-based social networking on relationships

How Technology Continues to Change the Olympics

8 August 2012
Advances in virtual imaging, timing, broadcasting, and social media are changing how we watch the games

Bill Introduced to Keep Facebook Passwords Private

18 May 2012
Lawmakers consider a step to protect your social media privacy

Does the Internet Make Us Lonely?

30 April 2012
An IEEE Fellow has a surprising answer