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Software Patents: An Inventor’s Perspective

13 December 2017
Protecting intellectual property benefits not only the developer but also society

Photo: Ivan Selesnick

IEEE Author Talks About the Benefits of Code Ocean

9 November 2017
The tool makes code easily accessible to others conducting research

Introducing Code Ocean in IEEE Xplore

19 June 2017
IEEE authors can upload code associated with the digital library’s articles

Startup to Outfit Self-Driving Cars With ‘Emotional Intelligence’

28 November 2016
Braiq applies software to build greater trust between passengers and their vehicles

Software for Industrial Knitting Machines Turns Out Made-to-Order Designer Sweaters and Scarves

1 July 2016
Unmade Studio aims to revolutionize the knitted fabrics industry

Misconceptions About Licensing Software Engineers

25 November 2013
Your concerns and comments addressed

Software-Defined Networks Explained

7 August 2013
This new approach might be the future of computer networks

Online Class Teaches Popular Software Testing Program

20 May 2013
Get the skills needed to become an orthogonal array tester

IEEE Computer Society Improves Software Certification

8 August 2012
More training aids available to entry-level developers

Answers to FAQs about Software Licensing

3 February 2012
Software exam developer tries to clear up a few misconceptions