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Illustration: Solho

Startup Takes Greenhouses Off the Grid

11 April 2018
Solho is developing solar technologies to power horticultural projects in arid areas

Texas High School Student Designs Self-Cooling Solar Cell

5 July 2016
She received the IEEE Presidents’ Scholarship for a cell that regulates its own temperature

How Solar Power Is Shaking Up Several Industries

28 June 2016
The traditional energy business model is undergoing a revolution

Alternative Energy Sources Could Help Aviation Industry Clean Up Its Act

3 June 2016
Researchers aim to lessen air travel’s environmental damage

Making History: The First Solar-Powered Flight Around the Globe

20 April 2016
This IEEE member is a part of the Solar Impulse 2 team

Solar Energy and Recyclables: A Winning Combination

7 August 2013
Students compete to solve India’s electricity concerns

Alternative Energy Basics

5 November 2010
A recent presentation covered the fundamentals of alternative energy sources, including wind, solar, and biofuel

Letters: July 2010

7 July 2010
Feedback from our members

Operations Center Goes Solar

6 April 2010
Rooftop photovoltaic solar panels installed

Photovoltaics Researchers Meet To Cast More Light on Solar Cells

6 April 2010
Conference to address new cell materials, solar concentrators, space technologies, and more