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Screen shot of ANCAP crash video

Vehicle Safety Advocate Crashes Two Cars Into Each Other To Make a Point

13 July 2017
Video proves people are twice as likely to die in an accident in a car made before 2000

Eye Tracking Technology Helps Keep Truckers Alert

30 April 2015
The technology is being installed in mining trucks

Video Highlights Virginia Tech's Work in Vehicle Technologies

23 April 2015
It's Center for Advanced Automotive Research works to avoid accidents caused by distracted driving

Could the Next Generation of Head-Up Displays Be Too Distracting for Drivers?

21 April 2015
Transportation experts share their concerns about untested features

GM’s Pioneering Research Into Causes of Distracted Driving

17 April 2015
IEEE member shares what goes into determining safety features

Watch How Augmented Reality Can Keep Drivers Safe on the Road

8 April 2015
Video shows how the technology helps reduce distractions

Building the Ultimate Hybrid and Electric Race Cars

22 August 2014
Students compete to design fast, fuel-efficient vehicles

The Future of Driving in Developing Countries

13 August 2014
How a growing economy may not be the only influence on purchasing a car

Tesla Motors’ Patents Up for Grabs: Any Takers?

17 June 2014
CEO Elon Musk says he wants to drive electric vehicle innovation

Paris Preserves One of Its Oldest Trains

25 April 2014
Visitors can still take a ride on the electric streetcar