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Learn How Li-Fi Works from Its Inventor, Harald Haas

20 February 2017
The technology, which transmits data through LEDs, could replace Wi-Fi

Li-Fi: 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

31 August 2016
Light can transform the telecommunications industry as we know it

Happy 25th Birthday to Wi-Fi

28 September 2015
The IEEE standards community celebrates a global success story while looking ahead

IEEE Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Wi-Fi Standard

23 September 2015
802.11 has paved the way for wireless hotspots and the Internet of Things

Theodore Rappaport: At the Forefront of 5G

22 August 2014
The IEEE Fellow is a leader in creating the fifth-generation wireless network

5G Explained

11 July 2014
IEEE Fellow Ted Rappaport discusses the future of wireless

In the Works: Next-Generation Wireless

7 July 2014
5G is expected to be deployed by 2020

A New Way to Detect Accidental Falls

21 October 2013
Sensors on walls could be a faster way to send out an alert for help

Fewer Wires, Lighter Cars

12 April 2013
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard will reduce the weight of wires used in vehicles

Expanding Ethernet

21 January 2013
IEEE works to refine the next generation of wired connectivity