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IEEE Book Features a Pioneer of Electric Transportation

Frank J. Sprague designed the first electric streetcar system

7 April 2014
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IEEE Milestone Recognizes the AIEE’s First Technical Meeting

14 February 2014
The American Institute of Electrical Engineers convened 130 years ago

IEEE Milestone Recognizes a Game-changing Laptop

22 January 2014
The Toshiba T1100 paved the way for portable computers

Research Ships’ History and Development

13 November 2013
Exploring the Antarctic Ocean for 100 years

A History of the Magnetic Compass

8 November 2013
This navigational instrument led to advances in trade, military might, and science

A History of Railroad Signals

14 October 2013
The telegraph and the closed-track circuit made railroads safer

Sound the Alarm: A History of Disaster Detection and Warning Technologies

9 September 2013
The telegraph and radar were among the first to be applied

Did You Know? Edison Coined the Term “Bug”

23 August 2013
Bugs have plagued technologists for centuries

The History of Hearing Aids

22 July 2013
Technology for the hearing impaired has come a long way

Ethernet Turns 40

15 July 2013
Highlights from co-inventor Robert Metcalfe’s IEEE oral history