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Census and Sensibility

A little history of big data

8 September 2014
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Did You Know? U.S. Presidents Have Secretly Recorded Conversations Since 1940

22 August 2014
Unauthorized recordings provide insight into the history of presidential leadership

The Legacy of Gary Kildall: The CP/M IEEE Milestone Dedication

25 July 2014
The operating system was a fundamental building block of the personal computer revolution

A History of Trading Speed: Telescopes, Telegraphs, and Fiber Optics

21 July 2014
The financial practice was popularized by advances in communications technology

Groundbreaking Operating System Is Named an IEEE Milestone

14 July 2014
Gary Kildall’s CP/M paved the way for affordable personal computers

Iconic Microphone Is Named an IEEE Milestone

21 May 2014
The Shure Unidyne mic has been the standard since 1939

Paris Preserves One of Its Oldest Trains

25 April 2014
Visitors can still take a ride on the electric streetcar

IEEE Book Features a Pioneer of Electric Transportation

7 April 2014
Frank J. Sprague designed the first electric streetcar system

IEEE Milestone Recognizes the AIEE’s First Technical Meeting

14 February 2014
The American Institute of Electrical Engineers convened 130 years ago

IEEE Milestone Recognizes a Game-changing Laptop

22 January 2014
The Toshiba T1100 paved the way for portable computers