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IEEE Milestone Honors the First Transpacific Cable

Built in the early 1960s, TPC-1 opened communications between the United States and Japan

16 January 2015
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Remembering Ralph Baer, the Father of Video Games

8 December 2014
The IEEE Fellow invented the home video console

IEEE Milestone Honors First Flight to Rely on Instrumentation

8 December 2014
A U.S. Army pilot made history in 1929 by flying “blind”

Layer-by-Layer: The Evolution of 3-D Printing

14 November 2014
IEEE member Charles Hull invented the original process in 1983

IEEE Milestone Honors Poland’s World War II Code Breakers

20 October 2014
A trio of mathematicians was the first to crack Germany’s Enigma code

Census and Sensibility

8 September 2014
A little history of big data

Did You Know? U.S. Presidents Have Secretly Recorded Conversations Since 1940

22 August 2014
Unauthorized recordings provide insight into the history of presidential leadership

The Legacy of Gary Kildall: The CP/M IEEE Milestone Dedication

25 July 2014
The operating system was a fundamental building block of the personal computer revolution

A History of Trading Speed: Telescopes, Telegraphs, and Fiber Optics

21 July 2014
The financial practice was popularized by advances in communications technology

Groundbreaking Operating System Is Named an IEEE Milestone

14 July 2014
Gary Kildall’s CP/M paved the way for affordable personal computers