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Pack Your Bags for a Trip to Space

This video showcases the many opportunities underway for space tourism

19 November 2015
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Norm Augustine: Commercial Space Travel Is on the Way, but Not So Fast

16 November 2015
Cost and safety concerns stand in the way, says the former chair of the U.S. committee on human space flight

NASA's New Horizons Project Takes Us to the Edge of the Solar System

10 November 2015
This documentary shows the first mission to the Kuiper Belt near Pluto

Peeking at Pluto and Beyond

6 November 2015
Two members share their experiences of working on NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft

The Engineering Inside Theme Parks

9 October 2015
An insider’s view of the control systems that run attractions at Disneyland and other parks

College Club Helps its Members Break Into the Amusement Park Industry

9 October 2015
Purdue University students turn their passion for thrills into a learning experience

Inside AdaFruit Industries

29 September 2015
IEEE Member Limor Fried carved out a niche with her DIY electronics company

The Brains Behind Mind-Controlled Technology

25 September 2015
In this video, IEEE Member Tan Le demos her innovation at a TED Talk

Meet the IEEE Members Behind Five of Today’s Hottest Startups

11 September 2015
Their companies are at the cutting edge of robotics, connected cars, and mind-controlled technology

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