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Virtual Blueprints for Construction Projects

Augmented reality apps bring architectural and construction concepts to life

21 July 2014
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5G Explained

11 July 2014
IEEE Fellow Ted Rappaport discusses the future of wireless

In the Works: Next-Generation Wireless

7 July 2014
5G is expected to be deployed by 2020

The Smart City Tour: Barcelona

26 June 2014
Video highlights technological advances taking place in the city

Tech News: Smart Cities

20 June 2014
This segment focuses on advancing urban areas with technology

Rio de Janeiro: A Smart City

18 June 2014
Protecting its residents using big data and advanced technology

Guadalajara: Smart City of the Near Future

13 June 2014
IEEE will work to make Mexico’s Silicon Valley more efficient

Guadalajara: The Next Smart City

9 June 2014
Video highlights technological advancements in Mexico’s Silicon Valley

An Urban Reality: Smart Cities

6 June 2014
Many are already more livable

Gaming in the Workplace

7 May 2014
How mixing work and play can motivate employees