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This Armband Sensor Lets You Control Drones

Video from IEEE Spectrum showcases the technology

17 October 2014
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Drone Control

13 October 2014
These unmanned aerial vehicles and their legal standing are up in the air

Mind-Controlled Technology Could Make Homes Smarter

6 October 2014
Sensor-embedded clothing could turn things on and off

The Future of Crime Prevention

15 September 2014
Big data can stop criminals in their tracks

How Big Data Is Improving Our Lives

15 September 2014
What does all that data mining do for you?

How Big Data Will Improve Health Care

12 September 2014
Video highlights opportunities of electronic medical records

Better Health Care Through Data

8 September 2014
How health analytics could contain costs and improve care

MIT President Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

28 August 2014
Tech leaders participate to help fund research for Lou Gherig's disease

Powering STEM Classrooms With Social Media

15 August 2014
Multimedia platforms are connecting students with science, technology, engineering, and math

Webinar: Innovations in Maternal Health

14 August 2014
Simple and low-cost devices to minimize risks in childbirth