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Powering STEM Classrooms With Social Media

Multimedia platforms are connecting students with science, technology, engineering, and math

15 August 2014
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Webinar: Innovations in Maternal Health

14 August 2014
Simple and low-cost devices to minimize risks in childbirth

Life-Saving Devices for Pregnant Women

8 August 2014
Innovations that can help detect disease and prevent death

Virtual Blueprints for Construction Projects

21 July 2014
Augmented reality apps bring architectural and construction concepts to life

5G Explained

11 July 2014
IEEE Fellow Ted Rappaport discusses the future of wireless

In the Works: Next-Generation Wireless

7 July 2014
5G is expected to be deployed by 2020

The Smart City Tour: Barcelona

26 June 2014
Video highlights technological advances taking place in the city

Tech News: Smart Cities

20 June 2014
This segment focuses on advancing urban areas with technology

Rio de Janeiro: A Smart City

18 June 2014
Protecting its residents using big data and advanced technology

Guadalajara: Smart City of the Near Future

13 June 2014
IEEE will work to make Mexico’s Silicon Valley more efficient