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The Future of Computer Networking

How software-defined networks will disrupt the industry

11 December 2014
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Software Already Defines Our Lives

8 December 2014
But the impact of SDN will go beyond networking alone

Reinventing Communications Networks

8 December 2014
IEEE sets the stage for software-defined networks

Retrofitting the Empire State Building

24 November 2014
The Rocky Mountain Institute has helped the iconic skyscraper go green

Rocky Mountain Institute Sets Bold Goals for Energy Efficiency

21 November 2014
Entrepreneurial nonprofit believes going green can improve the bottom line

Protecting Intellectual Property With the Growth of 3-D Printing

12 November 2014
IEEE senior member and lawyer discusses legal concerns for the technology

3-D Printing Opens Products to Counterfeiting

7 November 2014
Companies plan to protect themselves with several new techniques

This Armband Sensor Lets You Control Drones

17 October 2014
Video from IEEE Spectrum showcases the technology

Drone Control

13 October 2014
These unmanned aerial vehicles and their legal standing are up in the air

Mind-Controlled Technology Could Make Homes Smarter

6 October 2014
Sensor-embedded clothing could turn things on and off