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Smart Technology

Four Commercial Uses of Smart Garments

Bose, New Balance, and others are making clothing and accessories that can help improve our lives

21 January 2019
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Tech history

The Jacquard Loom: A Driver of the Industrial Revolution

21 January 2019
It automated weaving and inspired punch-card computers

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IEEE Scholarship Program Helps Increase the Number of Newly Minted Power Engineers

7 January 2019
Power & Energy Society initiative has helped 900 students since 2011

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Tech history

Ring Armature for DC Dynamos Honored With an IEEE Milestone

19 December 2018
The small device paved the way for more practical and reliable electrical machines

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Should Research Papers Mention Potential Negative Effects of New AI Technologies?

13 December 2018
Future of Computing Academy members want any downsides to be clear

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Career guidance

Q&A: Quantum Computing’s Researcher Shortage

12 December 2018
Expert William Hurley says the problem could be solved by opening up the field to software developers

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Machine Learning Could Boost Space Communications

10 December 2018
A new algorithm uses AI to alter transmission frequency and cancel out distortions

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Tech history

The MRI and the French Transatlantic Telegraph Cable of 1898 Honored With IEEE Milestones

16 November 2018
The technologies changed medical diagnosis and communications

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The First Space Tourism Trips Are Scheduled for Next Year

14 November 2018
Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic have updated their flight plans

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How Small Satellites Are Providing Low-Cost Access to Space

12 November 2018
Commercial interests and educational institutions among those launching the tiny payloads

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