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Artificial Intelligence

Three E-books on Artificial Intelligence

Explore bioinformatics, neural networks, and visual attention

16 June 2016
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IEEE Fellow Sets the Bar for Computer Vision

15 June 2016
Fatih Porikli has made significant contributions to object and motion detection, object tracking, and video analytics

Six Upcoming Events Focus on Artificial Intelligence

14 June 2016
Conferences cover machine learning, cognitive systems, and gaming

How to Land a Job in Artificial Intelligence

13 June 2016
Just about every industry needs employees with AI skills, including health care and agriculture

How Artificial Intelligence Has Crept Into Our Everyday Lives

8 June 2016
Machines are writing news articles, composing music, and preventing credit card fraud

Mechanical Chess Player Baffled Crowds for Nearly a Century

7 June 2016
Built in 1770, “The Turk” won games against Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon Bonaparte

Smarten Up on Machine Learning With These IEEE Resources

6 June 2016
Publications and groups can help engineers improve their understanding

The Next Step for Artificial Intelligence Is Machines that Get Smarter on Their Own

1 June 2016
Deep learning enables computers to do a better job than humans at mastering skills and making decisions

What Will Become of Us When Automation Takes Over More of Our Jobs?

29 April 2016
Some argue we’ll have time to do fulfilling work, while others say we’ll become lazier

How One Entrepreneur Founded Two Multimillion-Dollar Telecom Ventures

15 March 2016
IEEE Member Eileen Healy filled gaps in the mobile phone market