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Startup to Outfit Self-Driving Cars With ‘Emotional Intelligence’

Braiq applies software to build greater trust between passengers and their vehicles

28 November 2016
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IEEE Summit Focuses on Preparing for a Future With Artificial Intelligence

13 October 2016
Thought leaders to discuss the technology’s benefits and potential consequences

This IEEE Senior Member is Getting to the Root of Zambia’s Energy Shortage

13 July 2016
The Fulbright scholar is living there to study how citizens access and use electricity

Experts Answer Your Questions About Artificial Intelligence

30 June 2016
Learn about recent advancements and the potential for a robot takeover

Artificial Intelligence Pioneers Received IEEE Awards

21 June 2016
Applauding advances in machine learning and deep neural networks

Three E-books on Artificial Intelligence

16 June 2016
Explore bioinformatics, neural networks, and visual attention

IEEE Fellow Sets the Bar for Computer Vision

15 June 2016
Fatih Porikli has made significant contributions to object and motion detection, object tracking, and video analytics

Six Upcoming Events Focus on Artificial Intelligence

14 June 2016
Conferences cover machine learning, cognitive systems, and gaming

How to Land a Job in Artificial Intelligence

13 June 2016
Just about every industry needs employees with AI skills, including health care and agriculture