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Big Data

Photo-Illustration: IEEE Transmitter

‘A Day in a Connected Life’ Infographic From IEEE

Tracking how big data and the Internet of Things might be used in gyms, stores, and homes

3 May 2017
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Photo: Amazon

Can Amazon’s Echo Device Help Solve Murders?

31 January 2017
IEEE expert weighs in on whether the company should give up its audio recordings

Indoor Farms Could Revolutionize Agriculture

23 May 2016
No soil, sunlight, or pesticides required

Connected Cattle: Wearables are Changing the Dairy Industry

6 May 2016
Trackers using cloud computing applications are increasing milk production

Jazz and Martial Arts are These Members’ Passions

22 June 2015
One member hosts a weekly radio show while another performs Iaido

The Psychology Behind Wearables

11 June 2015
It takes more than data to get users motivated

Disc Golf and Retro Radios Are These Members’ Favorite Hobbies

20 March 2015
Tossing Frisbee-like discs in competitive matches and repairing vintage radios are their part-time pursuits

Part-time Passions: December 2014

8 December 2014
These IEEE members spend their free time making street art and high-power rockets

The Future of Crime Prevention

15 September 2014
Big data can stop criminals in their tracks

Special Report: Big Data

8 September 2014
Connecting the dots to provide insight into the world we live in