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Keeping Bias From Creeping Into Code

Expert discusses ways to prevent prejudices from showing up in software

12 September 2017
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A Fellow Gets Lifetime Achievement Award and Two Members Are Named Dean

28 August 2017
IEEE members made headlines this month

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In Memoriam: June 2017

23 June 2017
IEEE mourns the loss of three members

Most Developers Fail to Design Websites Accessible to People With Disabilities

21 June 2017
The founder of accessibility firm Deque Systems shares tips to make sites easier to use

Introducing Code Ocean in IEEE Xplore

19 June 2017
IEEE authors can upload code associated with the digital library’s articles

How Four Pioneering Women in Technology Got Their Big Break

16 June 2017
One Fellow built rescue robots deployed on 9/11 and another was the first African American female computer programmer at NASA

Artificial Intelligence’s Potential Will Be Realized by Quantum Computing

15 May 2017
New tools to transform the way we analyze, store, and manipulate data for AI systems

Physicists: Your Next Career Move Might Be to Silicon Valley

20 April 2017
Companies focused on big data and machine learning need your skills

In Memoriam: March 2017

30 March 2017
IEEE mourns the loss of three Fellows

How Blockchain Could Give Everyone a Legal ID

3 March 2017
Digital identification can replace birth certificates and other legal documents