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Ask the Experts: Blockchain Technology

Submit questions about the system that could disrupt industries and might even replace the Internet

19 August 2016
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Getting Linked to the Blockchain

19 August 2016
IEEE will develop courses and standards for the technology, which has potential uses way beyond Bitcoin

Going Cash-Free Can Make the World Richer

16 August 2016
Switching to digital payments has a host of economic benefits

IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing and Technology Time Machine Event Coming in October

4 August 2016
One considers where computing is headed; the other explores the future of technology

The “Softwarization” of Telecommunications Systems

26 July 2016
Drivers include 5G technology and open-source software

Plotting the Course for Semiconductor Development

19 July 2016
IEEE to provide direction for the industry's devices and systems

The Jacquard Loom: A Driver of the Industrial Revolution

18 July 2016
It automated weaving and inspired punch-card computers

New Cloud Computing Encyclopedia Presents Comprehensive View

12 July 2016
IEEE-Wiley book contains a wealth of reference material and expert input

Did Claude Shannon Invent a Groundbreaking Personal Computer?

26 April 2016
The IEEE History Center investigates the origin of the MINIVAC 601

Can Software Determine If Someone Is Racist or Violent?

2 February 2016
A new employee background-check program scans social media for red flags