Achievements: January 2014

The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

29 January 2014

achieveCui Photo: Texas A&M University

Senior Member Shuguang Cui received a US $1 million research grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation. The grant is part of the NSF’s Enhancing Access to the Radio Spectrum program, which supports research projects on dynamic cognitive wireless communications systems.

Cui is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Texas A&M University, in College Station. He and his team will use the grant to foster their work on finding more efficient ways to manage spectrum in large cognitive communications systems.

Cui is a member of the IEEE Communications, Information Theory, and Signal Processing societies. He is secretary of the IEEE Communications Society’s Wireless Technical Committee and has served as associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Communication Letters, and IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.

achievedresselhaus Photo: MIT

Life Fellow Mildred S. Dresselhaus received an honorary doctorate from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She was recognized for pioneering research in graphite, fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and low-dimensional thermoelectricity.

Dresselhaus is professor emeritus at MIT, where she teaches courses in physics and electrical engineering. Her work there focuses on superconductivity, the electronic properties of carbon, thermoelectricity, and nanophysics.

achieveschlesinger Photo: Johns Hopkins University

Fellow T.E. Schlesinger has been named dean of the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore.

Previously, Schlesinger was head of the department of electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, where he helped redesign the school’s undergraduate program and create new graduate programs.  

He is a member of the IEEE Magnetics Society.

achieveDongarra Photo: Association for Computing Machinery

The following members were recognized by IEEE societies.

The Ken Kennedy Award, a joint recognition from the Association for Computing Machinery and the IEEE Computer Society, was presented to IEEE Fellow Jack Dongarra. He was recognized for “influential contributions to mathematical software, performance measurement, parallel programming, and significant leadership and service within the HPC [high-performance computing] community.”

He is a professor of computer science at the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville, and a distinguished researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, also in Tennessee. Dongarra has worked to develop mathematical software and algorithms that boost performance and portability in HPC environments, including LINPACK, a software library for performing numerical linear algebra on digital computers.

He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society.

achieveebcioglu Photo: Global Supercomputing

Senior Member Kemal Ebcioğlu received the IEEE Computer Society B. Ramakrishna Rau Award, which recognizes significant accomplishments in the field of microarchitecture and compiler-code generation. He was honored for “contributions to VLIW [very long instruction word], instruction-level parallelism, binary translation, Java performance, and service to the community.”

Ebcioğlu retired in 2005 from the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, in Yorktown Heights, N.Y.  He was co-leader of the Programming Model and Tools group, part of IBM’s supercomputer research project funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Ebcioğlu also conducted research on architectures, compilers, and languages for fine-grain parallelism.

He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society.

achievejoshi Photo: Media & Entertainment Technologies

The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society presented IEEE Fellow Rajiv Joshi with its Industrial Pioneer Award for “pioneering contributions to VLSI [very-large-scale integration] memory design and technology.”

Joshi is a researcher at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. He pioneered the development of circuits and predictive CAD techniques for variability and yield analysis, which are critical in high-performance VLSI design.

Joshi is a member of the IEEE Circuits and Systems, Electron Devices, and Solid-State Circuits societies.

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