Achievements: October 2011

The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and by IEEE societies.

21 October 2011
ac_koch Photo: Georgia Tech

IEEE Fellow Thomas L. Koch was named dean of the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences, in Tucson.

Previously, Koch was professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the Center for Optical Technologies at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, Pa. His research focuses on semiconductor optoelectronics and optical fiber communications, including photonic integrated circuits.

He is a member of the IEEE Photonics Society.

ac_leh_shaw Photo:  Carnegie Mellon University (2)

IEEE Member John P. Lehoczky and Life Fellow Mary Shaw were each named University Professor by Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh. It is the highest rank a Carnegie Mellon professor can attain.

Lehoczky is a professor of statistics and mathematical sciences and dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. His research focuses on the theory of stochastic processes, the evolution of random phenomena over time.

Shaw is a professor of computer science. Her research interests include value-based software engineering, research paradigms, and software architecture design.

ac_Mand Photo: Rowan University

Senior Member Shreekanth Mandayam was named executive director of the South Jersey Technology Park at Rowan University, in Glassboro, N.J. The park is a nonprofit organization that brings members of academia and industry together to research various technologies. In his new role, Mandayam is responsible for promoting, supporting, administering, and facilitating research.

He is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rowan. Previously, he was chair of the electrical and computer engineering department.

He is a member of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

ac_mansour Photo: U.S. Department of Energy

Fellow Yakout Mansour was appointed to the board of directors of TransAlta, a power generation and wholesale marketing company in Calgary, Alta., Canada.

Mansour recently retired from his position as president and chief executive of the California ISO, a nonprofit organization that maintains the state’s electric power transmission system.

The IEEE Power & Energy Society presented awards to the following individuals:

ac_boston Photo: IEEE Power & Energy Society

Terry Boston received the IEEE PES Leadership in Power Award for his “leadership as chair of the North American SynchroPhasor Initiative to enhance power system reliability, and his partnership with local universities to advance the education of power engineers.”

Boston is chief executive of PJM, a regional electricity transmission organization in Valley Forge, Pa., that provides power to 13 eastern U.S. states and Washington, D.C. He is also chair of the North American Transmission Forum, which focuses on promoting best practices in the power industry.

ac_kostek Photo: IEEE Power & Energy Society

IEEE Senior Member Leann Kostek received the IEEE PES Robert Noberini Distinguished Contributions to Power Engineering Professionalism Award. She was recognized for “contributions to the IEEE Power & Energy Society and 27 years of service to the IEEE in a wide array of leadership roles.”

Kostek is a senior project manager at Puget Sound Energy, in Bellevue, Wash. She was member-at-large of the IEEE-USA board of directors in 2002 and 2003, and 1998 chair of the IEEE Seattle Section’s IEEE Power & Energy Society chapter. She is a member of the Power & Energy Society.

ac_li Photo: IEEE Power & Energy Society

IEEE Fellow Wenyuan Li received the IEEE PES Roy Billinton Power System Reliability Award for “contributions to theoretical methods, computing tools, databases and industrial applications in reliability and probabilistic planning of power systems.”

Li is a principal engineer at BC Hydro, an electric utility in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, where he works on power system reliability, optimization, asset management, and software development.

He is a member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

ac_paserba Photo: IEEE Power & Energy Society

IEEE Fellow John Paserba received the IEEE PES Nari Hingorani FACTS Award for “advancing the application of FACTS [flexible alternating current transmission systems] controllers in power systems to improve system dynamic performance.”

Paserba is general manager of the gas circuit breaker division at Mitsubishi Electric Power Products in Warrendale, Pa., where he has been working on FACTS controllers.

He is a member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

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