Society Recognitions: May 2010

The following individuals were recognized by IEEE societies

6 May 2010

The IEEE Photonics Society and the Optics Society of America have honored Randy Giles with the 2010 John Tyndall Award. He was cited for “seminal contributions to advanced light-wave communications networks.” The joint award also recognizes his work on the microelectromechanical systems mirrors used in telecommunications equipment to create high-performance optical cross connects.

Giles is director of the optical subsystems and advanced photonics department at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, N.J. He leads many research projects, including ones on new optical network architectures, optical signal processing, and a miniaturized laser-based data projector for the next-generation mobile multimedia devices.


Fellow Mehrdad Ehsani received the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society’s Outstanding Service Award “in recognition of founding and providing outstanding leadership for the IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference.” Ehsani founded the annual conference in 2001. It is sponsored by the IEEE Vehicular Technology and Power Electronics societies.

A professor of electrical engineering at Texas A&M University, in College Station, Ehsani is director of the university’s Texas Applied Power Electronics Consortium, which operates a research center.

Ehsani is a member of the IEEE Power Electronics, Vehicular Technology, Industry Applications, and Industrial Electronics societies.


The IEEE Photonics Society awarded Member Sander L. Jansen its Young Investigator Award, which honors an individual younger than 35 who has made outstanding technical contributions to photonics. Jansen received the award “for pioneering contributions in optical orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing for fiber-optic transmission systems.”

Jansen is a researcher at Nokia Siemens Networks in Munich, where he works on modulation formats and photonic cross connects for next-generation transmission systems. He also researches wavelength selective switching and dynamic optical networks.

He is a member of the IEEE Photonics Society.


Life Fellow Ivan P. Kaminow has been honored with the IEEE Photonics Society’s 2010 Photonics Award for outstanding achievements in the field. He was cited for his contributions to electro-optic modulation, integrated optics, and semiconductor lasers, as well as for his leadership in optical telecommunications.

Kaminow retired from Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, N.J., in 1996 after 42 years of work on light-wave research. While there, he conducted studies on electro-optic modulators and materials, Raman scattering in ferroelectrics, integrated optics, semiconductor lasers, birefringent optical fibers, and WDM light-wave networks. As head of the photonic networks and components department, he oversaw research on wavelength-division multiplexing components and networks, which combine multiple optical carrier signals on a single optical fiber.

He is a member of the IEEE Communications and Photonics societies.

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