IEEE Standards on Cybersecurity

They cover a variety of applications, including authentication and data protection

6 March 2015

The IEEE Standards Association has introduced a number of standards related to cybersecurity, with more in the works.

IEEE 1888.3-2013

Approved October 2013

“IEEE Standard for Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network: Security” supports enhanced security management functions for sustainable computing. Included are security requirements, system security architecture definitions, and a description of authentication and authorization. The standard helps avoid unintended data disclosures to the public and unauthorized access to resources.

IEEE 1686-2013

Approved January 2013

“IEEE Standard for Intelligent Electronic Devices Cyber Security Capabilities” defines the functions and features to be integrated into intelligent electronic devices for critical infrastructure protection programs. Access, operation, configuration, firmware revision, and data retrieval are addressed.

The following are under development.

IEEE P1711

“IEEE Standard for a Cryptographic Protocol for Cyber Security of Substation Serial Links” specifies a practice that can protect the integrity and confidentiality of communications over phone lines, radio waves, fiber optics, and more. The protocol could be implemented in new equipment or when retrofitting existing systems.

IEEE P2030.102.1

“IEEE Standard for Interoperability of Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) Utilized Within Utility Control Systems” promotes in four basic steps the security of control systems deployed by electric utilities: defining functional requirements based on needs, selecting open-source specifications to meet those requirements, developing interoperable configuration profiles for the specifications, and testing and validating the configurations.

The proposed standard would allow for functionality to be applied at the device level on a case-by-case basis. It offers guidelines that would make it easier for utilities to procure and implement secure systems, provide adequate security controls, and minimize efforts to configure devices that support cybersecurity functions.

IEEE P802.1AEcg

“IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Media Access Control (MAC) Security Amendment: Ethernet Data Encryption Devices” facilitates secure communication over publicly accessible networks for which security has not already been defined.

For more information, visit the IEEE Standards Association website.

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