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Help the IEEE Foundation Raise US $30 Million by 2020

You can donate to support initiatives such as scholarship and education programs as well as disaster relief efforts

19 February 2018
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Electrifying the Land of High Passes

19 February 2018
Providing solar power for remote villages in the Himalayas

Tech History

Letter from the Editor

18 February 2018
Article referencing Did You Know? Computer Matchmaking Started in the 1960s
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Career & Education

Landing a Job in Supply-Chain Management

15 February 2018
The field requires knowledge of evolving transportation, manufacturing, and e-commerce

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Tech Topics

How the Internet of Things Will Impact Engineering Careers

14 February 2018
New opportunities abound for those in software, mechanical, and manufacturing

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The State of Research: Where Are We Headed?

14 February 2018
Industry and academia have become shortsighted

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