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Five Surprising Applications of Blockchain Technology

Uses include verifying information about job candidates and tracking gun ownership

13 八月 2018
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CultureCloud App Helps People Connect at Conferences and While Traveling

10 八月 2018
Developed by IEEE Young Professionals members, it matches users based on location and shared interests

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Brazil’s Award-Winning Bahia Section to Break Its Student Membership Record

8 八月 2018
It’s done this by helping universities form branches and providing advice on attracting new members

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EPICS in IEEE Group at San Jose State University Designs Underwater Drone

6 八月 2018
Engineering students look to collect data in California’s Guadalupe River to help endangered fish

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Ten on Tech: Spotlight on Fellow Barbara Oakley, Professor at Oakland University

3 八月 2018
Interview with the creator of ‘Learning How to Learn,’ the world’s most-popular MOOC

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Tech Topics

IEEE Blockchain Initiative Helps to Advance the Decentralized Ledger

1 八月 2018
Members are developing standards and e-learning courses, and forming local groups

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Career & Education

Two Entrepreneurs on Why They Founded Socially Conscious Companies

30 七月 2018
Ampaire aims to provide underserved communities access to flight routes; Krtkl looks to democratize technology

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