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Get Set for the Annual IEEEXtreme Competition

Registration for the 24-hour programming contest is now open

21 September 2018
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Should Employees Get Paid for Working While Commuting?

20 September 2018
Some say time spent checking email and making client calls should be on the clock

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IEEE Day Ambassador Gears Up for 2 October Event

19 September 2018
He’s one of the people working behind the scenes to organize activities

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Tech Topics

IEEE Cybersecurity Expert Discusses New Scams and Ways to Thwart Them

18 September 2018
Cryptocurrency mining and hacked smart-home devices are two of the threats



IEEE Standards Association and MIT Media Lab Form Council on Extended Intelligence

17 September 2018
Group looks to facilitate responsible participant design, data agency and metrics of economic prosperity

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Why I Became an IEEE Day Ambassador

14 September 2018
Encouragement and advice from peers led this student member to volunteer

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Career & Education

Why Millennials Should Consider Software Engineering

13 September 2018
The field is in demand and pays well

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