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How Machine Learning Is Reinventing the Way We Discover Music

Software engineer at Pandora explains how it analyzes hundreds of data points to recommend artists and predict hits

17 August 2017
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Tech Topics

Technologies That Are Reinventing the Food Industry

16 August 2017
Shape-shifting noodles and an AI system that can give recipes for meals you’ve photographed

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Why Vinyl Records and Vintage Gaming Consoles Are Popular Again

16 August 2017
Older formats provide the tangible experience we’re missing in digital versions



Report Ranks Tech Companies on Their Privacy Practices

15 August 2017
Find out whether services you use share your data

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Tech Topics

Parenting in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

14 August 2017
IEEE survey looks at the impact the technology could have on today’s children

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Tech History

Device That Revolutionized Timekeeping Receives an IEEE Milestone

11 August 2017
The atomic clock, invented in 1948, paved the way for GPS

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‘Your Brain on Art’ Conference to Explore the Physiological Side of Creativity

11 August 2017
Sessions to integrate the arts into the neuroscience field to spur innovations

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