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The Legacy of Gary Kildall: The CP/M IEEE Milestone Dedication

25 July 2014
The operating system was a fundamental building block of the personal computer revolution


Who is Liable for Technical Failures During Natural Disasters?

24 July 2014
An in-depth review of the manslaughter sentence of Italian scientists


Investors Pour Billions Into Digital Health Care Start-ups

23 July 2014
These emerging companies are attracting more venture capital than ever before


The 2014 IEEE Women in Engineering Awards

21 July 2014
Recipients recognized for inspiring members and students

Tech Focus

A History of Trading Speed: Telescopes, Telegraphs, and Fiber Optics

21 July 2014
The financial practice was popularized by advances in communications technology


Helping Augmented Reality Reach Its Potential

21 July 2014
Several IEEE activities bring awareness to the technology’s possibilities

Tech Focus

Virtual Blueprints for Construction Projects

21 July 2014
Augmented reality apps bring architectural and construction concepts to life

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