In Memoriam: April 2017

IEEE mourns the loss of the following Fellows

28 April 2017
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Career & Education

Validate Your Startup Idea Before Quitting Your Day Job

27 April 2017
Two entrepreneurs left high-paying positions to pursue their ventures


Robots for Children With Cerebral Palsy and Flexible Glass for Nanodevices

26 April 2017
IEEE members made headlines this month


India’s Female Entrepreneurs Could Significantly Boost the Country’s Economy

25 April 2017
Facebook launches a program to assist startups founded by women


IEEE IT Innovation Lab Fosters Cutting-Edge Projects

24 April 2017
Has helped design mobile apps and real-time analytics tools for tracking engagement


IEEE-USA’s Stance on the H-1B Visa Program

21 April 2017
Green cards are a better way to bring in skilled workers

Tech Topics

Mindbot: A Virtual Therapist to Help People With Mental Illness

21 April 2017
IEEE member working to give more patients access to help

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