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Smart Homes Could Monitor Medical Issues for Elderly

An IEEE Fellow is working on a system so doctors can analyze their patients’ daily activities

21 June 2018
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IEEE Ethics: When Advice and Support Went Dark

20 June 2018
An overview of what led to activities being terminated, as well as efforts to restore them

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Top-Paying Jobs in the Gig Economy Are in Tech

19 June 2018
Freelancers working in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cybersecurity earn the most


Four Things Millennial Engineers Are Looking for in a Job

19 June 2018
What most young professionals are expecting from their workplace
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Technology You Can Swallow

18 June 2018
A Carnegie Mellon researcher has developed a diagnostic tool that can be digested

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Get Ready: All Our Devices Will Be Able to Talk to One Another Soon

14 June 2018
IEEE Standards Association is working to make personal area networks interoperable and secure

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