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Tech History

The Jacquard Loom: A Driver of the Industrial Revolution

It automated weaving and inspired punch-card computers

21 January 2019
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Tech Topics

Four Commercial Uses of Smart Garments

21 January 2019
Bose, New Balance, and others are making clothing and accessories that can help improve our lives

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Two IEEE Young Professionals Partnered to Write a Book About Their Travels

18 January 2019
Living Globalized describes how to live the lifestyle of a ‘global citizen’

Photo of Mats Järlström.


U.S. Judge Rules Mats Järlström’s First Amendment Rights Were Infringed

16 January 2019
He and others in Oregon who refer to themselves as engineers are not breaking the law

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Amy LaViers, a Mechanical Engineer Working in the Arts

14 January 2019
How she’s using her STEAM education to help improve robots used by DARPA

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We Need to Support Our LGBT Community

11 January 2019
Talented colleagues are hiding under an invisibility cloak

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The Institute’s 10 Most Popular Articles of 2018

9 January 2019
What to wear at a job interview and blockchain were among the hot topics

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