Why the Smart City Concept is Catching On

Tight budgets, enthusiastic supporters, and business opportunities are fueling the movement

27 July 2015
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Smart Cities Initiative Wants to Make Towns More Efficient

24 July 2015
White papers, MOOCs, and a conference are among the new offerings


Get to Know the 2016 President-Elect Candidates

23 July 2015
Video interviews with the two candidates in the running


Virtual Reality: The New Training Ground for First Responders

23 July 2015
Simulation technology could help better prepare those who work in dangerous environments

Tech Focus

Microsoft Kinect Could Reinvent Physical Therapy

23 July 2015
A new virtual reality game makes rehabilitation convenient and even fun


Building a Smarter London

22 July 2015
The capital city seeks to advance with the help of technology


Sheila Hemami: Improving Digital Photography and Video Streaming

21 July 2015
The vice president of IEEE Publication Services and Products has long been at the forefront of on-demand video technology

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