The Perks of Becoming a Senior Member

What you need to know to move up to this next level of membership

2 October 2015
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Tech Focus

Ralph Baer’s Brown Box Is Named an IEEE Milestone

1 October 2015
Released as the Magnavox Odyssey, the interactive home video game system paved the way for today’s popular consoles


Your Questions About Startups and Intellectual Property Answered

30 September 2015
Two venture capitalists and a patent attorney respond to readers

Tech Focus

Inside AdaFruit Industries

29 September 2015
IEEE Member Limor Fried carved out a niche with her DIY electronics company


Happy 25th Birthday to Wi-Fi

28 September 2015
The IEEE standards community celebrates a global success story while looking ahead

Tech Focus

The Brains Behind Mind-Controlled Technology

25 September 2015
In this video, IEEE Member Tan Le demos her innovation at a TED Talk


How To Get People To Back Your Entrepreneurial Ideas

24 September 2015
Getting to the finish line of a product or business launch can be nearly impossible without the right support system in place

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