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Special Reports

Special Report: The Future of Television

This issue explores the latest advances in TV and broadcast

23 March 2018
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Tech History

Radio-Themed Exhibit Takes Visitors Back in Time

22 March 2018
Antique board games, perfume, and Valentine’s Day cards on display

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Career & Education

How to Break Into Broadcast Technology

21 March 2018
Radio, television, and online streaming services need engineers

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Want to Get the Most Out of Your IEEE Membership? Join a Group

20 March 2018
Getting involved at the local level can boost your overall happiness

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Members Host Robot Wrestling Match and Build a Sustainable Community Kitchen

19 March 2018
Check out activities from around IEEE’s regions

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Tech Topics

First IP-Based Standard for Digital TV Could Change the Face of Broadcasting

16 March 2018
ATSC 3.0 promises immersive audio, interactivity, and hyperlocal emergency alerts

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Tech History

Mitsubishi’s Large-Scale Display Changed the Way We Watch Live Sports

16 March 2018
The system, installed at Dodger Stadium in 1980, receives an IEEE Milestone

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