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Founder of the World Wide Web Talks Net Neutrality and Potential Threats

18 December 2014
Tim Berners-Lee shares his thoughts on the future of the Web on its 25th anniversary


Celebrating 25 Years of the World Wide Web

16 December 2014
A look back at how it began and what it will become


The Business of Software-Defined Networks

12 December 2014
How the emerging field will transform a multitude of industries

Tech Focus

The Future of Computer Networking

11 December 2014
How software-defined networks will disrupt the industry


Calendar: December 2014–February 2015

11 December 2014
An interactive look at upcoming IEEE events and important dates in engineering history


Predictions from the IEEE Technology Time Machine Symposium

9 December 2014
Experts look 20 years out to forecast the state of six areas of technology


Remembering Ralph Baer, the Father of Video Games

8 December 2014
The IEEE Fellow invented the home video console

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