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Is Disney Spying on Children?

Company accused of collecting kids’ data through RFID wristbands, gaming apps, and toys

25 September 2017
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Teachers’ Workshop at Intrepid Museum Features IEEE Resources on Drones

25 September 2017
New lesson plan from IEEE REACH covers the evolution of UAVs

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Region News: September 2017

22 September 2017
The latest IEEE activities from around the world

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IEEE Initiative Explores the Relationship Between Humans and Autonomous Systems

21 September 2017
The group is working to establish a new field of science and explore the challenges of symbiosis

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Tech Topics

Invisible Technology Hidden in Plain Sight

20 September 2017
Electronics become incognito, appearing as food and art

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Dues for 2018

20 September 2017
Next year’s membership to cost US $1 more

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Celebrate IEEE Day on 3 October

19 September 2017
Hundreds of celebrations will mark the founding of one of IEEE’s predecessor societies

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